At the center of my work are questions about social groupings and how the feeling of the group experience fluctuates between vulnerability and security. I examine the ebb and flow of groups, the movement together and apart. I try to imagine these movements between people as large-scale ‘dances’ living together in tightly compressed spaces, managing the distance between one another, navigating daily routines.

My images are drawn from groups of people, herds of animals, patterns, rhythm and movement. I garner my imagery from TV and print. I also often work with found and original photos. My imagery is recycled and manipulated to the extent that its origins become unrecognizable, allowing me to explore issues of the individual removed from it’s original environment. 

Lately I’ve been putting images together to create large-scale patterns. Caught in a politically and economically abandoned landscape, I find consolation in the repetition of patterns.  They feel ancient and mythical and I’m letting these patterns unfold and reflect back to me how to navigate the current state of global dread.